Aina Gómez, Director and Lead Photographer at Family Memento

On a mission to capture as many special moments in people’s lives as possible

I have run businesses before, but Family Memento is different…

A few months after my daughter was born, Salomon – my partner in life, business and parenthood – passed away. We ran a production company together and were filmmakers – making a living around cameras. When our little one came along however, life became almost overwhelming and we didn’t make the time to take any family pictures. We didn’t even think about it, but I so wish we had.

Regrettably, I’ve only got one photograph of me, Salomon and our daughter – just one – and I’ll never be able to take any more. That photo is priceless. My daughter cherishes it and loves seeing it because it serves as a testament to us being a ‘regular’ family at some point. I don’t care that, in the photo, I look tired or that we weren’t ready for it to be taken – and I don’t care that I still hadn’t lost weight after my pregnancy. I’m just thankful we were able to preserve that one special moment so my daughter and I can cherish it forever.

I used to lie awake at night – thinking about how I didn’t have more family photos and that maybe other people were in the same situation – so I decided to change that by launching Family Memento. This decision means I can be a mum who pays the mortgage and makes school runs.

It’s just over two years to the day that I landed my first paid client. Looking back, I’ve learned that what we think of our business at the start isn’t what it will necessarily become. It’s only natural that things will keep moving and there’s going to be ups and downs, so we have to be open to change and remind ourselves it’s a long-distance race. We need to keep going…

Heading into the New Year, I’ve got lots of exciting plans – including doing more school photography, which I’ve grown to love; offering workshops, which will make use of my background in teaching; and creating professional photography packages that are more affordable to any budget.

Sometimes a photograph is all we’ve got – and that’s why I’m so passionate about capturing memories on film.

Family Memento