Amanda Wynne Evans, Founder of Wynne Marketing

Creating marketing solutions to help business attract and retain more customers

Having two young children stopped me from taking my life, but there’s no denying I felt suicidal back in 2014. Just three years earlier, I’d led a top-secret multi-million-pound project to rebrand the website of a major High Street bank. On the day of the big reveal, our CEO was interviewed on BBC News and we were trending on Twitter.

I was proud of my professional achievements, but it was stressful being a full-time working mum. Sitting up in bed at midnight with a crying baby, I’d co-ordinate web releases from my laptop. I dreamt of my own business, but had no time to make it happen.

I might have carried on that way, but then my dad died. I knew I had to get out of the corporate world for my own sanity and go it alone. After a full day in the office, I’d sit down at my computer at home – building websites and designing logos for freelance clients every evening.

Within two years, I had the client base to justify handing in my notice; then my marriage broke down. I’d gone from being a wife, a homeowner and a professional executive to a self-employed single mother living in a one-bed flat – broke and devastated. It was one of those ‘make or break’ moments and I chose to rise like a phoenix from the flames.

I couldn’t afford therapy, so I turned to self-help books and learned how to reframe challenging events into life lessons. Reflecting on my own worth, I saw a strong woman who had risen through the ranks in local authorities before taking an executive role in the private sector.

As a marketing strategist and consultant, I offered so much more than ‘just’ a new website. My business name needed to reflect that, so in 2016 I rebranded to Wynne Marketing and moved to Chester. Three years on, everything has taken off. I’ve recruited eight new flexible experts – ‘flexperts’ – to support me in delivering top-level, niche marketing services to small businessowners.

You don’t need permission, approval or a partner to fulfil your dreams. With courage and resilience, you can overcome challenges, be there for your children and be a world-changer!

Wynne Marketing

Photo Credit: Andrew Collier Photography