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When I was 13, I shared my dream of becoming a barrister with my teacher. She told me categorically that people like me (working class and in a failing school) don’t do jobs like that. I was a bright cookie, but this knocked my confidence. I accepted her word and worked in housing instead, where I met and married my husband.

With his loving encouragement, I went on to study Law; pass my Bar exam; and, finally, secured tenancy in chambers. It was no mean feat given that then, just 12% of barristers nationally were women.

Amidst all the excitement, we had a devastating and private fertility battle, but thankfully, I fell pregnant naturally three times in three years!

When my career in law took off, I was appointed Junior Counsel to The Crown and made the ‘Legal 500’ list twice in two years. The hours were crazy and I put enormous strain on myself and my family – trying to be the ‘perfect mum’ to three small children.

Contracting pneumonia should have been a wake-up call. Instead, I carried on pushing until my body ground to a complete halt. I took a year off and tutored at university – thinking that would solve things – but by Christmas 2009, I’d been diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

Eventually, I ended my nine-year career as a barrister and focused on putting myself back together again – starting my own personal development journey.

There’s been highs along the way, such as writing an Amazon bestseller, and lows struggling with impostor syndrome, guilt and perfectionism. I knew I had to get out of my own way to reach my potential.  When I finally discovered coaching from the inside out, my life started to transform. It was one of those ‘gut feeling’ moments… Here was my future: helping others to avoid burnout. I changed my business model – knowing exactly who I was and what makes me, me.

Last Christmas, I had the opportunity to do a TEDx talk and I went with it! I’ve finally learned that when I stopped trying to be confident, I become unstoppable; it’s always been there within me! Life has an incredible flow when you just let it unfold.

Andrea Morrison Coaching

Photo credit: Alice Lodge Photography