Andrea Galambos, Founder of Dentart Ltd 

Providing specialist dental treatment in London and Budapest

We’re all familiar with the phrase ‘timing is everything’ when it comes to starting a new business. In 2005, when all the pieces I needed just clicked into place, I grasped an opportunity that transformed my life and led to achieving a lifelong goal: delivering real benefits to real people.

Back then I was ready to seek a fresh challenge following a seven-year career with Hungary’s Ministry of Health. Dealing with international affairs – including preparing the nation for its accession into the EU– it was enjoyable but I felt slightly disconnected from real life due to endless meetings and hours spent in the office.

I knew that Hungary provided high-quality healthcare and dental services, and it was at this time that budget airlines had first started to travel to Eastern Europe from the West, so I put the two together; remember: timing is everything!

My plan was to organise dental holidays for British patients to travel to Budapest and have their treatment completed to the same standard as back home, but at much less expense.

After working hard to secure the services of a few dental surgeries and hotels to kick-start my venture, with me acting as a hands-on customer agent, business went so well that by 2006 I was able to start a weekend dental practice based in the UK. This offered an important extension to my service, as the Hungarian dentists were now in a position to fly over and conduct initial consultations with their patients before treatment was completed in Budapest, as well as then returning to oversee aftercare. It sounds complicated, but the process was very streamlined – so much so that after a decade of smooth and efficient operation (and lots of happy smiling customers!), we expanded the business in 2016 and established two permanent dental practices in Budapest and London that are open seven days a week under the name Dentart Ltd.

Today our patients can decide if they wish to take the dental holiday or have their treatment at home. Either way, we must be doing something right, as we haven’t advertised our services for years; our patients do it for us through word of mouth and personal recommendations!

Dentart Ltd