Anna van der Feltz, Founder of Anna van der Feltz Creative

A highly experienced graphic designer who specialises in helping her clients creatively tell their brand story both on and offline

I’ve had a couple of pivot points which totally altered my perspective on life and work; the first was losing my mum in 2010.

I took a 12-month break from my career in the creative industry to take care of her. When she passed away, it was of course a difficult time for me personally, but I also felt a renewed sense of purpose. I became even more determined to succeed, and my career ambitions suddenly shifted from climbing the ladder in an agency to becoming my own boss.

Although I was harbouring new aspirations, I returned to work for some security and to get back to normality, but never lost that underlying drive; then out of the blue came pivot two: in March 2018, I was put up for redundancy along with another colleague. The news was a shock, but I saw it as the kick up the backside I needed to go and pursue my dream. Taking voluntary redundancy, I waved goodbye to an 18-year career working as an employee and said hello to self-employment.

Before I jumped into the deep end, I took a break for a couple of months to reflect – and to celebrate turning 40! Following the realisation that I was 40 with no job, partner or children, I definitely needed something to focus on – and this meant pushing myself and facing my fears about going it alone both professionally and personally.

Working on my low confidence as a starting point, I joined networking groups, hired a life coach and had my personality profiled, which was a significant step in recognising the person I am and who I want to work with.

Eighteen months into my business journey, I’ve rediscovered a love for my work – especially helping small and start-up businesses to feel professional, confident and proud of their brand. The part of the process I’m really passionate about is taking the time to learn about the people behind the business, which enables me to tell their story creatively through their visual identity and marketing communications – plus I’m building strong, meaningful relationships.

Each day I get closer to achieving my dream while delivering the best possible service to my clients.

Anna van der Feltz Creative