Ann Currie, Founder of Wirral Campervan Hire

Helping people to discover the freedom of camping and the open road! 

Looking back at my 17-year-old self, she was fearless – the first person in our family to go to university. I loved writing and wanted to be a journalist, but I was hard of hearing and struggled in the lecture theatres. How would I cope at a noisy press conference? Confidence rocked, my General Arts degree morphed into History & Politics; then I worked in the civil service for a couple of years. It was my husband who first suggested law, so I went back to night school and qualified at the age of 28.

A lot of lawyers are point-scorers; they love the theatre of it all! Personally, I’m more of a problem-solver. I don’t like confrontation and I’d rather work towards a common goal. Over the following 20 years, the stress of the profession and, in all honesty, a succession of horrible bosses finally led to the classic breakdown at the age of 47. The thought of going to work for someone else filled me with dread.

My campervan had always been a place of solace during times of stress. As a family, we’d even camped just inside the M25 and got the Tube into London every day! I wanted to help other people truly get away from it all, so in December 2017 I launched Wirral Campervan Hire.

I qualified for the New Enterprise Allowance and various Government grants, which helped us get off the ground. Our modern dog-friendly Volkswagen T5 campervan has been a hit. People love the freedom of camping and even use it for weddings. We’ve been fully booked all summer and are looking at buying number two!

I’ve become a ‘slashie’ – supplementing my income by leading and coaching a running group, as well as writing social media content for businesses. I love playing with words – crafting a phrase and getting that message across so it’s perfect!

Taking away my salary was a big step. I’m financially poorer, but I feel richer in other ways.

My kids used to say: “Mum’s really stressed,” but a bad day in the ‘campervan office’ is always better than a bad day litigating. Whether running or camping, I’m helping people to explore somewhere new!

Wirral Campervan Hire