April Wild, Co-Founder of Wild & Wild

Awesome people making food entirely from plants by hand and with love

I always wanted to be self-employed because I am a creative at heart. In my corporate advertising job, I felt a disconnect. There was no driver for all the passions within me!

A spiritual experience with a hugging saint in India changed everything… I received a message in my heart to quit my job and follow my passions.

Everything started to fall into place when I signed up for yoga teacher training and met my future husband Chris Wild. Sitting barefoot and pregnant in a café in Bali, we made a vision board together that showed the kind of heart-based, mission-led business we wanted to have.

Five years on, it’s amazing to see how we manifested every detail. At a time when veganism was only just on the rise, we built a three-floored fully plant-based café with a yoga studio and treatment rooms in Congleton. Many thought it wouldn’t work, but the feedback has been overwhelming.

A lot of people think you can’t pursue your career when having children, but I’ve had three babies in the last five years. The key is to create a workspace with a community vibe where your family feels at home.

Chris and I have a good team around us who support our vision – freeing us to bring our creativity to the business and enjoy a great work-life balance.

I want to always keep growing and learning, so in addition to running Wild & Wild, I’m also a trained hypnobirthing practitioner and a doula. A lot of my birth work takes place at the café in the yoga studio.

So many women in high-flying society try to run multiple businesses but end up suffering with burnout and from health deficiencies. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so one of my top tips is to do something you love. You’re much more likely to look after yourself, and more able to give to others through your business.

What you think about, you bring about. Lots of business owners talk negatively about finance and get overwhelmed with stress. If you are clear about what you want and start each morning with a positive vision, you can manifest your way to success.

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