Becky Field, Owner of Westfield Coaching

Helping people and businesses to achieve positive, empowered change through solution-focused coaching

We’ve all heard the expression ‘the calm before the storm’, but how many of us have experienced it the other way round? I can tell you that I certainly have.

In 2005 I was abusing my body with alcohol and binge eating as a way of trying to change how I felt about myself. To the outside world I was a successful tutor on good money and the lifestyle to match, but in reality I felt lost, angry and desperate.

During September that year I got sober – just in time to make amends with mum; she passed away suddenly in March the following year. Absolutely devastated, I stayed sober and got better – learning to take life one day at a time; then dad died in 2009.

The loss of both parents meant that a dysfunctional family had no captain to steer the ship, so we scattered. Unable to communicate with each other, I eventually lost myself and suffered an emotional breakdown. I don’t see myself as a victim in any of it; I wasn’t. I just didn’t know where to go without the leaders in my life, so I had to relearn.

I’m thankful that I knew it was the right time to make some serious decisions about where I was headed; it saved my life. Working to earn my qualifications to become a life coach set me free – giving back to me the hope I thought I’d lost.

I launched my business in January 2018 and since then I’ve worked with so many people – helping them to break away from other people, places or situations which have caused them pain for far too long. My role has enabled me to work both in one-to-one and group sessions within my local community and beyond. I’m more than comfortable in either setting, as I’m happy to work with anyone who has the willingness and commitment to change.

The word ‘change’ used to frighten me, but not anymore. I no longer run away from it because my coaching skills have given me the courage and permission to work through any negative thoughts and embrace a new, solution-focused way of life.

Always remember that anything can be overcome.

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