Bonita Bennett, Founder of Prosper Virtual Assistant

A highly experienced personal assistant with a passion to make life easier for busy individuals

By the age of 19, I was looking after a business centre in Central London. I’d been promoted from junior customer service rep to assistant manager within just six months. I was extremely driven and eager to learn new things. I signed up for a two-year Business Management course, which taught me so much about why companies work and why they fail.

I then got married and started trying for a baby, so I applied for a receptionist job at another business centre closer to home. The interview went so well, I was offered a marketing role. My ability to find simple, workable solutions led to many exciting opportunities, but with time, I craved a new challenge. I went to work for a media company – supporting the directors and managing their diaries, which was the beginning of who I am today…

When that contract ended, we moved to Bedfordshire, where I managed another business centre; then I became PA to a director of an amazing worldwide manufacturer. The adrenaline rush was thrilling! I was constantly on my feet – managing hundreds of things at once – but eight years of struggling to have a child started to affect my mental health. I also miscarried during this time, which was a hard thing to deal with emotionally.

Our long-awaited daughter was born in 2017 after we moved to Bristol for my husband’s work. It was a dream come true, but being a stay-at-home mum after spending years building my career was tough. I suffered with postnatal depression and came face to face with PTSD.

I never thought I’d be able to face the world again – let alone run my own business! I battled with self-doubt but, in the end, I did it for me and my family.

Initially taking on small projects, I set up officially in September 2018 – designing everything from the company website to the logo myself.

The business has grown rapidly, but I’m selective about new customers. I want to make sure I am happy just as much as my clients.

My advice is to have faith in yourself… you CAN do this! You are important, so do what makes you happy now and always.

Prosper Virtual Assistant