Bridget Daley, Founder of Parents in Biz

Equipping parents with everything they need to manage the family and business tightrope

All of my inspiration comes from the fact that I was a teenage mum; by the time I was 26, I was a single mother of three.

Grit, resilience, perseverance… three words that became a mantra – words that went on to shape my very existence. Throughout my younger life, I encountered so many people both in personal and professional circumstances that thought less of me. I was stigmatised because people saw me as being incapable of making ‘sensible decisions’… When I took my young son to the GP because I suspected he had meningitis, I was turned away and accused of overreacting… after all, I was just a kid; when the symptoms persisted and I took him to hospital, I discovered he had the condition. Thank goodness it was caught in time and that my boy is still with me today.

Just like that GP, I’ve proven people wrong on many occasions – and I’m not ashamed to admit it’s been a driving force throughout my life. I’m lucky I had a strong support network from day one – mainly my mum (herself a single parent) and my auntie. They taught me to shut out the negative talk, to strengthen the mindset… easier said than done, but I got there… I’m still doing that today.

I was determined to succeed in business. After a career in finance, I got into social care – becoming a qualified counsellor. Helping people was my calling, but I was bringing the work baggage home with me. I wasn’t switching off and I wanted my own company.

I ran two businesses for a while – learning lots of lessons in the process – before closing one of them down (women’s fashion) to focus primarily on Parents in Biz, which I launched in 2017; my partner runs the other business (telecoms).

My passion is being fed. I’m nurturing parents with my platform – a communal hub that’s squarely focused on sharing and networking, supporting and encouraging, collaborating and learning… achieving that all-important harmony balance is everything.

Never be afraid to ask for help, don’t be ashamed and find a support group that works for you – and always remember that your present situation doesn’t determine your final destination.

Parents in Biz