Caroline Syson, Founder of Pocket PA

A one-stop powerful business tool helping solopreneurs run their small business on the go as they work

When my 19-year-old daughter Megan told me in 2017 she wanted to work for herself, I was elated but also panic-stricken as to how she would cope!

Back then, Megan was working as an events company intern. I needed to be sure that becoming her own boss wasn’t a passing phase, so I laid down a marker that she needed to earn enough to replace her current income before leaving. I am so proud to say that, today, after devoting evenings and weekends to fulfilling her dream, she works for herself in eyelash extensions.

My journey with Pocket PA also began in 2017 – and was completely down to Megan’s own entrepreneurial plans. When I couldn’t find anything for her to run her business on the go – a  simple business tool that managed all the complex day-to-day ‘stuff’, with everything neatly stored in one place – I thought: ‘I’m her mum, I need to help, so I’ll make it myself! How hard can it be?’

I have worked in many sectors, but tech was completely alien to me. Was I being totally naive? Could a developer take my vision and run with it? All I knew for certain was that I just had to keep going and make the app as simple as possible.

It was an incredibly long road, but on 25 January I launched V2.0 of my app, which manages everything from diary appointments and accounts to operating as a satnav tool and card payment service. It’s never been easier to start a business, but many people don’t begin because of analysis paralysis, so I wanted to offer a simple, practical solution.

As a single mum of four ‘kidults’, it’s essential to stay organised so that I don’t experience overwhelm. It’s not always easy, but when a person finds that one thing which is right for them, that feeling of liberation and empowerment is totally addictive.

The positive feedback I have received for Pocket PA makes my heart sing. My original goal was to make a difference to my daughter’s own business, but now it’s so much bigger than that… I want every person to shine and believe in themselves because they’re so fricking awesome!

Pocket PA