Caron Kipping, Director of Caron Kipping Coaching Ltd

A divorce and separation coach specialising in domestic abuse recovery

I’ve learned the hard way that life is too short to be unhappy. I was in an abusive relationship for 10 years whilst working as a midwife. The level of emotional and financial control my ex-partner had over me was frightening. I was only 17 when we got together, so I didn’t notice it at first.

I tried everything to make it better, but of course it only got worse. Our daughter was three years old when I left him for the third and final time. My family lived away and I had very little support. I lost everything – including my home.

Faced with mounting court costs, I sofa surfed. We had shared custody but, ignoring all court orders, my ex moved over a hundred miles away – taking our daughter with him. Still thriving on control, the next few years were a blur… Contact was limited and very difficult.

With time, I remarried. We had two children, but being separated from my first born chipped away at me. Work was particularly tough – fielding questions from excited new mothers about my own family circumstances.

Picking myself back up bit by bit, I started volunteering at my local domestic abuse charity. I quickly found my calling, left the NHS and qualified as a domestic abuse specialist. I’ve been there for 13 years in various community and leadership roles.

I’m passionate about raising awareness of domestic abuse, so I share my story on speakers’ stages, television and the radio.

Becoming a part-time coach has brought me full circle. I’m working one-to-one with domestic abuse survivors who are at different stages of divorce or separation so they don’t have to go through it alone as I did. I share strategies to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem and help them to thrive again.

My daughter chose to come and live with us when she turned 17. She’s since got her own home, become engaged and now volunteers for the charity. We have a great relationship. I am so proud of her and my life is so much better now.

You can’t change what’s happened to you, but with the right help and support, you can create a happier future.

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