Caro Davies, Founder of The Twinkle Diaries

A UK lifestyle blogger and twin mamma

As an Art Director, you can’t just say: “I’m going home.” You’re always the last person on set. It’s stressful and hardly conducive for trying for a baby, which is why after years of directing fashion and home shoots for Freemans, I decided to go freelance in 2006.

I had all the usual fears: ‘Will I have enough clients?’ Luckily, the work came in and I could focus on starting a family, except for us it wasn’t so easy… After a couple of losses I fell pregnant again in 2012, but this time I couldn’t talk about it; it felt too much like tempting fate. I couldn’t believe that a) it was happening and b) it was progressing, so I started a secret blog, ‘The Twinkle Diaries’, as a cathartic outlet to share my feelings. I never intended it to be ‘a thing’, but somehow, I found myself still posting after our twin boys were born.

My site progressed from an online diary to a virtual memory box – a place to store things about our family and home, and post content I absolutely loved.

I’d been doing it for two years when the brands first came knocking; it was a shock. I had no idea about influencer culture or that you could earn a living from posting online, but I gratefully accepted the sponsorship opportunities with both hands. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic household names like Laura Ashley, Joules and Land Rover, who come back with repeat business. I’m picky about who I work with and have turned plenty of offers down; the brand has to be one that I can absolutely see myself being involved with.

To be in my forties, blogging in this digital age, is incredibly liberating! I’m doing everything I did as an Art Director but for myself – taking photos, styling, editing, creating films and animations. I’ve met a whole new load of friends and totally changed my business direction after doing the same thing for 20 years. It’s amazing to have a job that you can fit around your children. Ultimately, having had such a long wait for the boys, they are my priority.

The Twinkle Diaries