Claire Cutler-Casey CKRP, Kinesiologist at The Happy Healing Hut

Helping people to release the past and reach their aspirations through kinesiology

When I was only 20, I contracted salmonella after eating a piece of chicken whilst on holiday in Belgium. I was extremely ill for a month and my body went into organ failure – significantly impairing the function in one of my kidneys.

During the last half of the third week, I was at death’s door – unable to eat, drink or move. It was just before Christmas and the GP feared I’d die if I was admitted to hospital because my immune system was destroyed.

Although I was no longer suffering with salmonella after four weeks, it took me 15 years to get well. In those pre-internet days, where answers to questions weren’t available at the click of a button, I was in no man’s land. I didn’t realise there were things I should have been doing, such as seeking kidney function tests, and I was unaware of the implications of having been so ill.

Ten years after my life-threatening experience, I was simply existing – getting up; doing a full day at a demanding financial career; then back to bed, exhausted. Physically bereft and emotionally beaten, I fell into crisis when my dad unexpectedly passed away.

Turning to reflexology, I found a sense of calm; then my reflexologist introduced me to a kinesiologist, who completely changed my life. All of a sudden, I had more energy, a different sense of wellbeing and the ability to plan and do things again.

I, the client, wanted to become the qualified practitioner so I devoted 18 months to studying kinesiology, which isolates muscle groups and then applies pressure to determine how the body responds. It’s an opportunity for your body to say: “Finally, someone is listening to me!”

Since 2015, The Happy Healing Hut has supported people with pain, emotional trauma and psychological issues through kinesiology. I continue to inspire hope in those who feel their health has betrayed them – enabling them to emerge renewed; in a position to create their own sustainable solutions; and be exceptional every day.

Next year I’ll be publishing a book, which is currently at pre-launch stage for crowdfunding. Offering different practical exercises to improve overall wellbeing, it’s the next step in my journey.

The Happy Healing Hut