Claire Winter, Founder of Making Words Come Alive

Teaching coaches, consultants and creatives how to get clever with content 

A good day for me looks like this: I start off with a run or some Nordic walking; then I spend time on planning. I check in with my Facebook group and the people on my online course. I eat lunch on the deck outside my ‘shedquarters’ in our garden; then I copywrite for my VIP clients before finishing to spend the afternoon with my kids.

Not every day looks like that of course, but if you don’t stop for at least half an hour to eat or go outside it takes the spark out of what you do. Running or walking is transformational for my headspace, creativity and general wellbeing. I hit my friends up and off we go! Instead of saying: ‘I don’t have time’, I’ve learned to make time for things that are important.

We left London after I had our first daughter… classic ‘escape to the country’ stuff. It’s what you do: sell your city flat and buy a house with a garden. That’s how we ended up in a Victorian semi in leafy Berkshire. When I say to people: “I’m going to town,” I mean London, which will always be my first love.

My background is in TV and radio. I bought my first business when our twins were one and spent the next eight years as owner/editor of ‘Families’ magazine – covering half of Berkshire. It was my baby, so when I decided to set up my own copywriting and content business two-and-a-half years ago, I made sure I sold the magazine franchise on to a good home.

I still write for all 41 ‘Families’ magazines – providing the national content – but I also teach creatives and coaches to make their words come alive in print, online and on social media. I work collaboratively with my retained clients – helping them to write and edit their content.

I’ve worked from home for 10 years, but I can’t just connect with people online. As an extrovert I need to network, interact and meet people face to face; it works better for me and my clients. I’m what you might call a ‘multi-hyphenate’ or a ‘slashie’: a writer who teaches other people to write!

Making Words Come Alive