Dr Clare Hamilton, Managing Director of Hamilton Specialist Referrals

Dedicated to providing specialist veterinary clinical excellence in a caring and friendly environment 

Becoming a vet is all I ever wanted to achieve. Growing up in the countryside with a large loving family and a house full of animals, I had the perfect grounding to fulfil my childhood ambition.

It wasn’t until I was accepted to study at veterinary school that I discovered dad’s long-held secret: he’d wanted to be a vet, but wasn’t afforded the opportunity to study the relevant exams because of the school he was made to attend. After mum shared this story with me, it made so much sense as to why we always had so many animals to take care of; it was dad’s way of expressing his heart’s desire with kindness and compassion.

I lost mum when I was still a teenager and I see that as the main reason why I have a specialist interest in client communication and staff wellbeing. As much as I love working with animals, interacting with humans is what I do best. Making time for people in difficult circumstances and building strong relationships has always been a top priority ever since I graduated in 2005.

After vet school I worked at a few different practices before setting up my own lovely little village vets with my husband Michael in 2012. Our work here took root and led to the development of the specialist centre, which would see Michael’s talents come to the fore.

We started planning the centre in 2014 and signed the lease in 2016. Two weeks later, I’d given birth to our second child! The build of our multi-million-pound, state-of-the-art hospital began in earnest in 2017 and we opened for business a year later. It’s been a rollercoaster experience, with everything feeling amplified compared to the village vets we still run, but I’ve never been so proud of anything other than the children.

My advice is to be consistently good at what you do, as well as being kind, honest and respectful to clients and your team. I’m a firm believer that we get back what we put out there.

Although times can be tough and people may try to drag you down, stay positive and good things are sure to come your way!

Hamilton Specialist Referrals