Clare Cogan, Founder of Creating Calm

Supporting people with acute anxiety through hypnotherapy and using essential oils

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned after 13 years’ self-employment is that you MUST look after – and understand – your own emotional health if you want to build a sustainable business. There’s no quick fixes or easy routes to success, so keeping your wellbeing on track will give you the strength to embark upon a journey that’s not always easy, but is extremely fulfilling in the long run.

In a career that’s included social work, teaching (hypnobirthing) and reflexology, helping many people in many different ways has always been my passion. With Creating Calm, I work out of a log cabin at the bottom of my garden; it’s a space that has been carefully designed to make all of my clients feel safe, comfortable and heard. Bringing them back from the brink of acute anxiety, where their present mindset is that they’ll never feel better, is built upon a mutual relationship that’s founded on trust and respect. Using hypnotherapy to help the mind experience calm and become receptive to thoughts is a powerful tool in facilitating recovery, as is the continued use of supportive essential oils to establish positive associations through smell (‘aromatic anchoring’). It’s a process I’ve refined over the years and I’m as dedicated now as I was when I started out to help people find peace through changing their thought patterns.

Last year I self-published my autobiography, ‘Building a Thriving Therapy Business’, which is dedicated to a dear friend of mine who passed away four years ago. It’s written straight from the heart and covers many subjects, but one of the key points I wanted to resonate with readers is that if we don’t embrace an approach to life that’s truly holistic, we’ll seriously struggle to find our version of success. Having a strategy is important, but it’s the learning and doing that ultimately makes the difference.

Thankfully I’ve managed to effectively balance my time spent working and commitments to the family. Being a hands-on mum to two boys whilst simultaneously running a business has been a juggling act at times, but it’s something I’m more than happy to continue to perform; after all, the fire for what I do still burns strong.

Creating Calm