Daina Renton, Editor-in-Chief at ‘Féroce’

A Glasgow-based gallery publication devoted to showcasing a selection of photographic artists, models, writers and musicians 

In 2015, a year after graduating from The London College of Fashion, I suffered a nervous breakdown and was gripped by alcohol addiction.

I’d worked obsessively throughout my time at university – not just on the course I was studying, but also at a whole bunch of different jobs. In addition, my drinking became exponentially worse.

I thought that if I kept myself busy, things would be fine, but addiction doesn’t afford you the luxury of having a choice. As a freelance creative simultaneously juggling a variety of roles – including magazine editor, digital marketing manager, photographer and project contributor – I drank even harder to cope with the stress of it all.

‘Féroce’ was founded when I was still a high-functioning alcoholic. Following the breakdown, I’d left those other jobs to take some time to rest and heal, but I still needed to do something to pay the bills. Building the magazine up from scratch and doing everything myself, its potential wasn’t fully realised until I got well.

My sobriety date is 24 November 2018 and I’ve been free of alcohol ever since. I’m also in a good place mentally – continuing to stay busy with work, but at a far healthier and steadier pace to what I’d once been used to. I’m much wiser these days and have brought people in to support me with ‘Féroce’ – including an online editor, special contributors and guest editors. My primary responsibilities are making all the editorial decisions and taking care of the graphic design side of things, as well as working hard to make my business sustainable.

Things have gone so well with the magazine that in summer 2019, I launched a sister publication called ‘Mordant’ which carries lighter content when compared to the super-dark, avant-garde leanings of ‘Féroce’. Both publications are, in essence, two sides of the same coin.

My plans for 2020? I will be featuring a person of colour on every cover of ‘Féroce’ this year because I feel they’re members of our society who are significantly underrepresented within the fashion industry. I believe in celebrating diversity and giving a voice to the great many people who comprise our communities, so I’m excited by what lies ahead.