Debbie Harvey-Evans, Owner of Little Bundle Box

Specialising in baby gifts presented in bespoke signature keepsake cases or boxes

Four years ago, I was living in Australia and working as a Creative Manager in the beauty industry. It was a fast-paced, deadline-driven role with all the ups and downs of management. In my personal life, I had undergone two gruelling cycles of IVF without success; between the two, I was starting to feel burnt out.

I desperately needed some flexibility, so I decided to go freelance – handing in my resignation. I’d never freelanced before, so it was a bold step, but I’m no stranger to bold steps…The first time my future husband Rowan and I agreed to live together – having grown tired of commuting across the UK to see each other – we packed our bags and moved to the other side of the world! One planned year Down Under turned into nine and we made good on our leap of faith.

The freelancing turned out to be wonderful and, during my third cycle of IVF, I fell pregnant with my wonderful daughter Ariana. Everything was falling into place, so the time felt right to set up my own business.

Mum had taken early retirement from a highly demanding role in social services, but had grown restless and wanted some focus. She visited me in Melbourne and, whilst out on a pram walk together, we began to discuss keepsake boxes that held mementoes and how lovely they’d be to give to new mums as gifts. The conversation flowed and, by the end of the walk, mum and I were going into business together!

Eighteen months later I had returned to the UK, settled with my family and founded Little Bundle Box. Our start-up costs were reasonable, with mum and I sourcing the products we wanted our gift bundles to become known for, as well as designing our keepsake cases – ensuring they had a modern, unique feel. Rowan built the company website and dad, a printer by trade, took care of the marketing material.

I really love working with my mum and I now have the flexibility and job satisfaction I always wanted. Following my own journey to become a mum, the thought of our boxes being presented to new mums makes every day extremely special.

Little Bundle Box