Emma Cheetham, Founder and Director of ECLS Translations

Providing professional translation services in the technology, automotive, manufacturing and marketing industries

I’ve translated text on everything from German tyre manufacturing to a mission to Mars!

I first fell in love with language during afterschool club. French lessons took place in the library; the exotic words sounded so exciting! My mum worked in the travel industry and we were lucky enough to go on lots of holidays – including to France and Germany.

I chose Languages for my degree, studied in Nottingham and then moved overseas. I lived everywhere from a little island near Mauritius to East Germany and French-speaking Quebec in Canada.

After returning home in 2008, I got a job with TUI Travel in the legal department, which funded my Masters in Translation.

My first industry job was with a company in Cheshire. It gave me a fantastic grounding in the nuances of technical translation, but I was eager to progress with a larger firm. I returned to Nottingham – taking up a more senior quality control role that involved reviewing the work of other translators.

Over a four-year period, I took on more responsibility – becoming head of department and then general manager. I’d learned so much and felt ready for a new challenge: taking the best of both companies, merging it into something new and putting my own values on it.

In the future, I know I’ll look back on New Year 2016 as one of the most pivotal moments of my life. I officially launched ECLS Translations and then set about assembling a team of associates – amazing translators covering the technical, automotive, travel and IT industries who work on a contractual basis.

I love it so much because there’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’. Client relationship management and project management – allocating work to team members – keeps me busy; then there’s the all-important quality control. Before onboarding a new client, there’s test translations to complete, so I need to know every umlaut is in the right place!

The past three years have been a huge learning curve; I’ve discovered I’m more resilient than I thought!

Languages open up new worlds and translating between them is an art. I’m so grateful to be working in such an exciting industry and with such a talented team.

ECLS Translations