Emma Cank, Founder of The Imperfect Wood Company

Making hand-made painted wooden signs using reclaimed wood and eco-friendly paints in support of three national charities 

I am a mum of three and have been making and hand-painting wood signs since 2011 – originally under the name Emma Jayne Handmade. The Imperfect Wood Company was born last year after quite a tough ride personally.

People often notice that the majority of my makes are to do with being positive and changing our negative thought processes. Quotes have always featured in my life, but I didn’t realise just how much I would need them! They help me enormously to cope with all manner of situations.

Through my business, I donate a percentage of all sales to three national charities close to my heart. The first is the Selective Mutism Information & Research Association (SMIRA), who were extremely useful when I was coping with my daughter’s Selective Mutism throughout primary school. The second and third charities were chosen in memory of my two eldest children’s daddy: Brain Tumour Research, because he passed away from a brain tumour aged 43 at the end of 2018; and Mind, because he had spent some time on a mental health unit – providing me with an insight into his condition and mental ill health in a wider context.

The Imperfect Wood Company has its name for two reasons… Firstly, the wood I use to create my signs aren’t perfect pieces, but they can still be put to good use to make something special. Secondly, the word ‘imperfect’ represents my own personal journey with anxiety. It took a long time to recognise I don’t have to be perfect and that, in fact, it’s our own imperfections which make us unique. When I overcame that mindset in relation to myself, I no longer felt the need to hide.

On 27 June, I’ll be running my own stall at a local event, the Market Bosworth Festival, which I’m really excited about because it feels like a significant step forward. It’ll be nice to close up the workshop for the day and spend quality time promoting my business within the local community.

I turn 40 later this month and I’m ready to fly in all facets of my life. I feel at peace and a strong sense of where I’m supposed to be.

The Imperfect Wood Company