Estelle Keeber, Co-Founder of Mums In Business Association

A global network where mums can come together to learn and support each other

I have gone from living on less than £40 a week and receiving support from the local food bank to running a global business with my sister Leona. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming because I feel very humbled to be where I am right now – especially when I compare it to where I was less than five years ago.

Separated from my two sons’ dad and all my benefits stopped, I was struggling to put food on the table for the boys and keep a roof over our heads. Having coming through a battle with postnatal depression, things felt really tough again. Keen to find work that was flexible so I could prioritise being a mum, I decided to go it alone and founded a wedding photography business. I’d been to college to study Photography following advice from my PND counsellor to find a creative outlet, so it felt like a sensible move.

A year later and work going well, Leona and I decided to set up a Facebook group to connect with fellow mums in business because we felt there was a lack of online support. Our intention was to build some relationships and grow together as a community through shared experiences, but neither of us could’ve guessed how large Mums In Business Association (MIBA) would become…

Less than two years after launching, we have 60,000 social media followers and our network’s collective stories have resulted in seven best-selling books (both paperback and Kindle) on Amazon UK! Under the MIBA umbrella we provide a wealth of resources – including coordinators in 120 locations around the world who deliver our child-friendly networking events. I keep busy both at home and abroad with my Instagram workshops and webinars – covering branding, strategy and time management.

Leona and I have achieved all this without sponsorship, paid-for adverts or outside investment; MIBA’s growth has been totally organic and completely transparent. As a result, we have created an amazing, super-supportive family who are all totally on board with each other’s journeys.

We don’t see ourselves as special, just two mums who wanted to make a difference. If we can do it, so can you.

Mums in Business Association