Faustina Anyanwu, Co-Founder & Chief Editor at ‘C. Hub Magazine’

The first and only Afro-creative magazine in the UK – celebrating positivity, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship

Born and bred in Nigeria, my ‘go-getter’ attitude first came to the fore aged five, when I registered myself at primary school. My mum had left my daddy with me and my siblings to live with her parents – having suffered excessive domestic violence. Mum, who was a teacher, had gone back to university so as to further her career in education. My own desire to go to school and succeed already existed, so I made sure it happened.

Although I had planned to study Mass Communication at university, that dream was truncated due to my family’s financial situation at that time. I eventually opted to study Nursing and Midwifery and, afterwards, went to Lagos, where I worked for about five years. In 2006 I met my husband and later joined him in the UK, where I became a full-time mum until 2011 (today, we have four children). That same year, I created the ‘My Black Woman’ blog.

My husband and I decided to register a media and publishing company in 2012; then ‘C. Hub Magazine’ was launched. Within 12 months, I’d gone from being a blogger to a publisher! Although the magazine launch event was a flop, we didn’t give up and, over time, it began to grow into a global brand thanks to the power of social media and me learning new skills such as graphic and web design.

In 2014 we founded the DIVAS (Diverse Intelligent Versatile Able Sisters) of Colour event, which creates a safe space for black women to celebrate themselves and raise awareness of pertinent issues such as domestic violence and mental health. Held every March in London, its audience has gone international – paying tribute to women such as my mother, whose own struggles may never be recognised.

At present, both of our businesses are going very well. Sponsorship for DIVAS of Colour is healthy and ‘C. Hub’ is a round-the-clock enterprise. We have an exciting couple of months ahead for the magazine – including working with UCL this October to commemorate Black History Month and hosting our annual awards event in November.

Throughout my life I’ve faced challenges, but I’ve never let any of them dampen my zeal to succeed.

C. Hub Magazine