Fay Evans, Children’s Author & Storyteller

An author on a mission to create a world full of book days!

Nearly three years ago, I ‘came out’ as a secret author at a business networking meeting – and it’s the best thing I ever did! Having worked as a local press reporter, I then moved into PR – writing about ‘exciting’ things such as freezing systems! Using my journalistic skills, my clients trusted me to find the news angle in anything.

I fuelled my passion for creative writing with an MA in TV & Radio Scriptwriting. After the course, an independent production company filmed a couple of my short film scripts. I wrote pilot episodes of TV sitcoms, which led to some promising production meetings; then the treatment I co-wrote for a comedy drama series was optioned by ITV Studios. It was exciting, but nothing came of it. Something else amazing happened instead… I had my daughter!

From being a baby, Amy loved it when I read to her. Rhyming stories were her favourites – especially ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Bear Snores On’, but other books felt less engaging. ‘I could do better than that’, I thought – so I did!

Writing rhyming stories got my creative juices flowing again. I read them aloud to Amy and it became our little secret – one I never planned to share; then it all came spilling out in January 2017.

On a whim, I put ‘Budding Author’ down as my job title at a networking event – later confessing to the whole room: “My dream is to have one of my stories made into a book.”

Almost immediately, I received offers of help – including an invitation to deliver a school assembly on World Book Day. Sue Miller at Team Author UK helped me to publish my first book, ‘Fred the Fire-Sneezing Dragon’; then my second book, ‘Bob’s Beard’, came out last December.

I’ve delivered more than 60 author visits to primary schools across the UK this year. Seeing children engaging with my stories and books fills my heart with joy.

Parents order my book in advance, which covers my costs without charging the school an attendance fee.

If you have a dream, don’t keep it secret… tell people! That’s when the magic happens; they come forward to help you make your dream come true.

Fay Evans