Fiona Drake, Owner at Fiona Drake Ltd

Coaching business owners and entrepreneurs to create limitless performance and skyrocket their sales – feeling amazing and in flow

When people take a leap of faith or have a huge pivot, it tends to come following an epiphany. My body gave me a big wake-up call one Friday evening around three years ago.

I was straddled between the working week just gone and anticipating the working week to come. I couldn’t do anything about either, but still, I felt overwhelmed by both…

I left school at 16 with virtually no qualifications, but I always knew I was destined to succeed. With sheer tenacity, a bit of luck, and by making and taking chances, I worked my way up in the manufacturing industry in a sales and marketing capacity – becoming a director for a UK household name.

Nearly 30 years into my corporate career, I was succeeding and achieving, but I was doing it all with a sense of force. To uphold my reputation and be the best I could be, I worked long hours. To get the results I wanted, I controlled every outcome – and all to the detriment of my health.

It wasn’t sustainable. After my wake-up call, I made immediate changes – leaving the office at 6pm instead of 9pm. For the first month or so, I went straight home and watched TV boxsets, but that wasn’t nourishing either. That’s when I discovered how beneficial mindfulness and meditation was for my wellbeing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Having initially trained to become a mindfulness and meditation coach, I then retrained in Louise Hay’s self-development philosophies; I’m now a workshop leader. Louise set up her world-leading publishing house in her sixties – proving you’re never too late to learn, to pivot or to follow your passion.

I said goodbye to the corporate world this year – giving up my salary, company car, pension and perks. My big mission in life now is coaching female business owners and entrepreneurs who are whizzing like a pinball from one day to the next. I help them to bust through self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs – using the Law of Attraction to manifest and create the magical life they want to lead.

The impact I’m having for a business in its infancy is incredible; I’ve become the woman I needed three years ago!

Fiona Drake