Gemma Went, Founder of Gemma Went Ltd

An award-winning business and mindset mentor who creates big results for small companies

Aged 42 and seven months pregnant, I found myself jobless. I was super-excited at the thought of becoming a parent, with single motherhood all carefully planned out, but I also knew I was pretty much unemployable. With no form of income, a baby on the way and staring down the barrel of being unable to pay the mortgage, I had no choice but to set up my own business.

This wasn’t my first foray into self-employment; a decade previously, I ran a digital marketing consultancy, which is what I had my sights on doing again. I kicked into gear and spoke to some friends. One of them – my guardian angel – invited me to come and live with her rent free for as long as I needed to. So much pressure just disappeared – allowing me to stay focused on my new enterprise and then having my baby.

After vacating my flat, I rented it out and built a business in my friend’s spare bedroom on a laptop. For two months, just before I was due, I worked liked crazy – getting a website built; emailing my network of contacts to let them know about my new venture; and maximising my SEO capabilities.

Juggling motherhood and work in the early days was a challenge, but I rose to it – reaching page one on Google’s search terms within four months. By nine months, I had enough money to rent my own property and two years in, I was making six figures.

I found myself working more with SMEs and, in particular, female entrepreneurs – offering not just digital marketing needs but also business advice. My service pivoted into mentorship and I realised I’d found my true calling.

Helping others to demystify the process of achieving success and removing self-doubt has become my passion. I believe that having the right mindset is what drives us all forward, so I am fully committed to working with small business owners – making them recognise the importance of staying true to what it is they bring to the world.

It warms my heart when I tell people that my business and lovely son were born at the same time; they both turn six this year.

Gemma Went