Georgia Michalopoulou, Founder of Stylish Mummy

Helping women to rediscover their style and feel good by looking good

My passion for fashion has been lifelong! Growing up, I had my heart set on getting into the industry and I’m so happy that, after years of hard work, my dream became reality.

Based in Central London, I specialised in buying and merchandising – as well as personal shopping – for a number of big fashion brands. I loved the role but when I returned from maternity leave after having my daughter, everything felt different. Stress levels started to mount as I learned to juggle my career with being a first-time mum, and colleagues grew resentful because I was working less hours to prioritise my child.

Growing miserable, I didn’t recognise myself at work or at home. The pregnancy had changed my body shape and the clothes I owned just weren’t practical for a new mum to be wearing. Over time I adjusted to this new version of me, learned to love myself again and set about reinventing my style.

Feeling reborn, I quit my job and founded Stylish Mummy last year. My mission is to help women who feel intimidated by stylists to feel welcomed – not judged – and to save them time and money by offering guidance towards fashion styles that they’re completely happy to add to their closet. Not only that, looking good makes us feel good too, so a major part of my service is about boosting overall confidence whilst also encouraging a positive body image.

Going self-employed has been brilliant because I have the freedom to move things around for family time, plus I’m in control of my own schedule. I worked hard in the early days to increase the visibility of Stylish Mummy, plus I had lots of support from people who told me to hang in there, so I’m delighted I persevered because my customer base has continued to grow.

If you’re considering starting a business, be patient; success won’t happen overnight! Also, make the time to find a network of like-minded people who will relate to your position and talk to you about your goals. Many of my friends are in full-time employment and didn’t understand my journey, so it’s important for your mindset to seek connection and avoid isolation.

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