Georgina Fihosy, Brand Owner at AfroTouch Design

An Afrocentric brand that celebrates West African culture in a unique and colourful way through greetings cards and gift items

I’m often asked how I manage to balance having a hectic full-time job; running a household with three children aged seven and under; and running my own business three hours a day, five days a week. The secret? Discipline, planning and lots of sleep!

By day, I inhabit the corporate world – having spent the last four years working within the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to that, I worked as a pharmacist for the NHS. These days, I spend a lot of time on the road – meeting doctors and healthcare professionals to discuss new medicinal products. I love my job, but it’s busy all the time. AfroTouch Designs, which I founded four years ago, offers a change of pace that I find highly therapeutic.

The creative spark for my own business was ignited whilst I was on maternity leave with my middle child Josiah… as I was breastfeeding him! With a baby on one side and a laptop on the other, I was searching for a greetings card for a friend that truly represented African culture. I didn’t find anything, so I went to my local High Street and there was nothing suitable there either. Driven to fill that gap in the market, I decided to get some African fabric, a piece of card and put something together myself. My friend loved it and here we are!

A proud graduate from The University of Google, I’ve learned to make everything myself – from notebooks, planners and greetings cards (my signature product) to gift items such as mugs and canvas bags. I spend a different day of the week working on one particular aspect of the business – such as crafting, sales, accounting or admin – and I’ve also set myself the goal of having 20 independent retailers on board to sell my products by the end of this year.

Recently, I’ve started to outsource – taking on a VA for extra support, which has been hugely beneficial, and subscribing to Gousto (an online food box delivery service) to effectively plan family mealtimes.

I hope that, through sharing my story, women in a similar situation to my own (juggling a career with raising kids) will feel inspired to follow their own passions.

AfroTouch Design