Ginette White MAR, Founder of Waltham Forest Reflexology

Helping clients to relax, improve their sleep, manage stress and navigate their life obstacles through complementary therapies and lifestyle changes

Growing up in England, Iran, Venezuela and then England again, I had no thoughts about the future. The expectations others had for me were to marry and have children – neither of which I did.

Leaving school at 16 with no career advice, I fell into the hotel world after four years working as a bank clerk. The hospitality industry I inhabited was glamorously great fun and, with hard work, I progressed to being a professional in HR – finally ending my career in 2019 after spending almost two decades travelling the world as an anonymous international luxury hotel inspector!

In 2017, I took over the support role for my brother Alexander following a critical epileptic seizure that left him with mild cognitive impairment. At the same time, our mum’s life was ending. Having always lived at home, Alexander was suddenly living alone for the first time at the age of 64. With his own great determination and my full support, he is now doing this successfully and happily. The decision to change my life journey for him was the best I ever made.

When I knew I would need to stop travelling in order to be able to support Alexander, I retrained as a clinical reflexologist – having always loved reflexology treatments. In 2019, I launched my own business and opened the studio. My days are now spent offering reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage and Zone Face Lift treatments to my clients, as well as engaging in lifestyle discussions. All of my services are designed to give people the strength to heal both emotionally and physically, and to tackle the important issues in their lives.

This year, I will qualify as a clinical aromatherapist and will be offering a bespoke aromatherapy prescription service alongside ‘Happiness’ workshops and mental health first aid courses to my individual and corporate clients. I strongly believe that emotional and mental healing comes before physical healing.

Having drifted through much of my life, I am finally here – in my fifties – with a clear focus; a successful business map, as my client base is expanding; and a renewed sense of purpose and direction. I’m living proof that it’s never too late – and that #SheReallyCan!

Waltham Forest Reflexology