Hannah Titley, Founder of The Golden Circle

The first professional home schooling group in the UK

I’m forever thinking about what people need and how to improve things. I launched six different projects alongside my full-time job before I found my true calling – everything from a clothing rental platform to designing pop-up greetings cards. None were as productive or successful as I’d hoped, but I learned many lessons – including the importance of setting up a business within your own skill-set…

As a top-performing graduate, I was chosen for the ‘Teach First’ programme. I trained to teach and become a future leader at schools facing the biggest challenges. The constant firefighting was a shock to the system, but I learned so much on the job.

After I qualified, I worked in an education think tank – analysing policy and advising the government on what to do next. That’s where I identified a gap in the home schooling market and founded The Golden Circle. Instead of a single tutor trying to cover all bases, pupils who need flexible timetables or have special educational needs learn from a variety of highly qualified teachers who are passionate about their subject.

After years of box-ticking, I loved reconnecting with creative teaching, but getting to grips with managing the business’ finances was more of a struggle. Taking part in a year-long accelerator programme at King’s College London changed everything.

Three years into my venture, I now have a six-figure turnover; three full-time members of staff working in the office; and more than 200 qualified teachers under contract – delivering afterschool tuition and professional home schooling to hundreds of children across London.

With 100% growth predicted for year three, we’re looking forward to an exciting 12 months ahead – developing our online platform and home schooling group international franchise. Having founded the Home Schooling Association, I’ll be continuing to lobby the government for more oversight of the home schooling sector – pushing Downing Street for a central register of home schooled children.

I’ve tried my hand at so many projects, but I’ve come to realise that it’s having a mission that drives you to success. Nothing goes well all of the time, but making a long-term commitment to something you’re passionate about helps you to pick yourself up again following a setback.

The Golden Circle