Harriet Rhodes, Managing Director at huzzah! digital

Award-winning digital marketing specialists helping businesses get the best return for their investment

I owe everything I’ve achieved in business to the marketing role I landed at one of the UK’s leading mobile phone retailers when I was a fresh-faced Journalism graduate.

Within four years – following a baptism of fire – I went from being the only girl in a team of six to becoming one of the company’s youngest managers leading a team of 10. Regular access to a mentor, the freedom to do my own thing and a personal desire to learn all aspects of digital marketing resulted in an extremely rewarding experience.

Keen to progress in my career but knowing I’d gone as far as I could go, I wanted to look at marketing from the other side of the fence. I joined an agency for a year and gathered more invaluable knowledge, but during that time my grandma fell ill and I moved to part-time hours to help my mum in looking after her. With the agency’s full support, I spent as much time with grandma as possible until she passed away. A period of freelancing then followed under the newly-created huzzah! moniker, with clients including the agency.

Since becoming a limited company in October 2015 I’ve created a team of super-clever women, although we do let boys in from time to time! In fact, we have a gentleman starting with us in the New Year. The growth of the business has been really organic and I’m proud of the specialist skill-sets both the in-house team and the freelancers I work with possess. Because they’re highly experienced, driven and know their roles and industries inside out, I’m confident they’ve got my back.

For the last two years we’ve been putting our blood, sweat and money into building a SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing and website platform, which was soft-launched this year. In 2020 I want to give a bit of love to the brand and bring my platform to market in a bid to conquer the world – starting with an Expo presentation in London in February, which I’m super-excited about!

I work relentlessly to achieve my goals, which might be why people think I’m 40 (not 31!), but I hope our story inspires others.

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