Helen Walker, Founder of York Walker

Helping women remove limiting beliefs and live their best life every day

When I finished university, I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue; all I knew for certain was that I was a people person – and a natural agony aunt!

For a long time, I just fell into jobs; I’d think: ‘That’ll do’ and then went for it! In some respects, I consider myself fortunate to have created a rich and colourful CV – enjoying successful stints in the travel, recruitment and marketing sectors – but I never felt truly passionate about any of them; being honest, I lived for Friday afternoons and dreaded Sunday nights. I attribute this to a lack of self-confidence – something I’d suffered with from an early age.

It’s not uncommon for a person to look like they’re winning on the outside – beautiful house, lovely clothes, impressive salary – but internally they feel like a failure or a fraud; I know what that’s like only too well. My parents were always supportive, but I never took a step beyond playing it safe. I’m proud I went backpacking around Australia for a year when I was younger, but when I returned, I still felt lost somehow…

I started seeing a coach to gain some much-needed clarity – focusing on the future and determining my goals – when something stirred within me… I loved how the sessions made me feel, but I also knew I’d finally found what I’d been looking for: a sector that had sparked my passion.

The next few months were spent understanding what made a good coach, who I wanted to help and studying for the necessary qualifications; in 2017, I was ready to go!

I love working with women to develop rock star levels of confidence because I know from personal experience that life is way too short not to make your dreams happen. Whatever it is – emotional fulfilment, ruling the boardroom or running your own business – it can be achieved.

My advice to anyone starting out with their own business is to make sure you’ve really invested in your mindset. Is it strong, healthy and positive or riddled with self-doubt? You can have the best strategy and marketing plan in the world, but reaching your full potential requires self-belief and clear-headedness.

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