Helen Booth, Owner of Masque Photography

Helping women to feel beautiful forever with a luxurious boudoir photography experience

In my corporate life, I sometimes sat alone in a room – photographing thousands of different lightbulbs or computer parts. It wasn’t at all what I imagined myself doing with my degree in Photography & Graphic Design!

For five years, I worked for a major electronics retailer – photographing mainly products. I’m a social creature and spending time alone with things rather than people didn’t satisfy me. When I fell pregnant with my daughter, I decided there and then it was time for a career change. I started looking into ways to support myself away from the 9 to 5.

I saw a boudoir album for the very first time whilst I was on a lighting course. Huge in America, this relatively unknown genre of photography excited me… ‘Wow! No-one is doing anything like this here!’ I thought. The cogs started to turn… Here was an opportunity to be there for my daughter; build a business whilst she was little; and work in a fun, creative environment that helped women in more ways than I ever imagined.

The doors to Masque Photography officially opened in 2009. I completed an intensive course led by a boudoir photographer from New York and, more than a thousand shoots later, it still feels as fresh and exciting as when I first started.

Every woman comes to me feeling nervous to some degree. For some, it’s about body positivity or celebrating a milestone. For others, it’s a surprise for their partner for Christmas, anniversary or on their wedding day.

It boils down to nurturing confidence. I’m a gentle and compassionate soul and I love sharing this magical journey with my clients! My mission is to inspire women to love their bodies, step out of their comfort zone and feel invigorated and more confident in themselves.

Seeing how empowering the makeover and photoshoot experience is – and the positive ripple effect it has – has sent my job satisfaction through the roof.

I’m still evolving and always learning about self-esteem and self-love. Collaboration is my big tip. Be proactive and get out there. Find other like-minded business owners who share the same ethos as you and support each other. The rewards are well worth it!

Masque Photography

Photo credit: Catherine Kerr, Boho Chic Weddings