Holly Moore, Founder and Managing Director of Make Events

The North’s leading corporate events agency – creating the ultimate experience

I’ve always loved entertaining and strived to create the ultimate experiences. I have an amenities tray in my guest bedroom for when friends stay over, so it’s no surprise I ended up working in hospitality. It’s what I wanted to do before events management even became a ‘thing’!

In my corporate life, I had two roles during a 15-year period – one of which was heading up employee engagement events for a pharmaceutical company. I experienced a mental health issue that lasted five years from door to door. Committing fully to the recovery process, over time my mindset began to change. I stopped being a ‘yes person’ and started working on my self-confidence.

I realised I’d been holding myself back – going for jobs that were below my skill level. Now that I was well, I began working towards a promotion. When I recognised that I wasn’t being treated right, I decided to go freelance for a year to take control of my own destiny.

I soon saw a niche in the corporate events world and, in July 2012, Make Events was born! We’ve been self-financed from day one – bootstrapping our way to success without any investment, overdrafts or credit cards. Seven years on, we’re a team of 16 with new offices in Wilmslow, which proves you can make something from absolutely nothing!

Servicing major companies like The Hut Group, PZ Cussons, Puma and Bruntwood, our vision is to be the go-to agency in the North for household names.

We pride ourselves on sticking by clients as they weather different climates – keeping in touch even when they don’t have an events budget. It’s about surprising and delighting people every step of the way.

I’m a big believer in mentorship. Going self-employed takes away a boss figure from your life, but you still need expert guidance to help you grow. You can’t demand what you potentially need by accepting freebies; that’s why I still paid a coach £80 an hour when I was earning £18k freelancing.

I’ve learned that to run a thriving business when faced with personal challenges takes a lot of strength, so I’ve put strategies in place to help me make the best of everything.

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