Hyacinth Myers, Founder and Managing Director of Soul Conscious Creations Ltd

Supporting women to overcome adversity and create a life by design 

Up until 2013, which was the first time I became self-employed, I never had a full-time job and I’m really proud of that. For 30 years I devoted myself to part-time community-based work – weaving a rich and varied tapestry in the process. From working with children on an adventure playground as a 17-year-old to later fundraising on behalf of charities, heading up management committees, supporting people with HIV and AIDS during the late 1980s, and working for an organisation that reached out to lifers in prison who had been disowned by their families for the crimes they’d committed, the career path I’ve forged for myself has been extremely rewarding and certainly enlightening.

In my personal life, I’ve been through a range of serious adversities – starting with growing up as a child of domestic violence and then facing single parenthood with my eldest son more than 20 years ago. In 2006, I lost my baby when he was three weeks old; his twin brother, who’s now 13, has health issues and special needs. My most recent part-time work was helping parents through a local forum to navigate the SEND system because I know first hand the complexities involved.

After my youngest son was born, he was under a lot of different hospitals and needed round-the-clock care so I took a break from my community endeavours to be there for him. When he was seven, I set up a creative business as a source of income – selling precious stones, earrings, my own artwork and photography, and holistic therapies. I loved this outlet as a way of expressing myself, but pined for the type of work I used to do…

In 2017, after taking part in a leadership programme established for BAME women and learning that many of my female friends found my life story to be empowering, I set up Soul Conscious Creations Ltd to help people thrive. I’ve created a personal development programme based upon the EMPOWER 7 method – a set of seven core steps I live my own life by – which encompasses learning to embrace ourselves; being motivated; exerting power over our lives; overcoming adversity; practising wellness; developing emotional intelligence; and recognising our own resilience.

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