Isobel Burns, Director of Digital Marketing Engine

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You read articles about highly successful women with large families who leave the boardroom to watch their child’s netball match. It’s newsworthy because it’s not normal! Us mere mortals don’t have that luxury. It comes down to making tough choices…

Sometimes you prioritise your business over your children; other days, the opposite is true. As long as you get the balance right and one side doesn’t come second too often, you can make your peace with it. When you do, that frees your mind up to focus on driving forward.

In 2016, I chose to walk away from the recruitment firm I co-founded in London with two partners. It had been a baptism of fire – launching just before the 2008 recession; then we all got married and started families. The commute and working hours took its toll, so I was delighted when we found a buyer in February 2017.

I regrouped and looked at my priorities. I didn’t want my children to grow up with me on a train, but I still wanted to role model success.

Taking the 20 years’ experience in business development I had, I learned the online elements by investing in some of the best training in the world – working with coaches and mentors in New Zealand, the US and in the UK.

A year later, Digital Marketing Engine is generating leads, sales and sustainable growth for on and offline businesses locally and internationally – all from the corner of my kids’ old playroom. My real joy is working with online course creators and coaches who are making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

It’s gone from strength to strength – earning me a five-figure monthly salary – but huge challenges remain. Running a business alone from home, I have to be strategic and set tight boundaries; I can’t be all things to all people. As a young business, it’s tough but you have to give a disciplined answer to offers of work that slow down your growth.

From my working mother, I learned to do something you love and be comfortable making choices. Sometimes she’d crash out exhausted on the sofa; other times she’d get up and play with us. Both were valid.

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