Jacqui Jagger, Director of Beyond Boundaries Coaching

Helping business owners to stop faffing and start making it happen!

I was a bank manager by the age of 25, but what was I thinking?! It’s interesting reflecting back… I’ve realised I’m at my best when I go with stuff and see what happens. It’s not about the destination, but the direction of travel.

I joined Bravissimo when they had eight shops and a £19m turnover. Working directly with the owners, I got a grounding in ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ entrepreneurialism. Nothing held me back and it never dawned on me to doubt myself. The company grew from £19m to £45m in less than six years.

I went into other retail roles and never intended to set up my own business. When I left my last job in December 2015, it was to find something closer to home and to get a better work-life balance. I wanted to coach, but the story I told myself was that it wasn’t realistic or feasible. In truth, I was afraid to fail in the eyes of others.

I started job hunting, but I felt so uninspired… it was like ‘Groundhog Day’! I went to a sample coaching day with a provider and ended up being paired with the tutor. My mind was blown! I got up the next morning and thought: ‘That’s what I need to be doing!’

I booked onto the course and took a temporary training job to see me through. Once I knew what I wanted, all the other dominoes started to topple. I qualified in April 2017 and it hit me like a thunderbolt: I had to back myself, stop being a dick and quit my temporary job! I had to be courageous enough to do what it takes to inspire myself and others.

Today, I get to work with women who have no idea how bloody amazing they are! Coaching can be emotionally challenging, so a lot of what I bring is a sense of humour. (I’m at my best when I’m having fun!)

I’m part-cheerleader, part-bum-kicker. We focus on taking action. You don’t have to have big goals, but you do have to be brave. Do the stuff you don’t feel ready to do and the confidence will follow.

Beyond Boundaries Coaching

Photo credit: Vivienne Kane Photography