Jane Galloway, Founder and Director of Quiet the Hive

Working with women to calm their inner critic, build resilience and inspire them to lead on every level

My eldest son, who’s eight, says it’s his mum’s job to make brilliant people even better at their jobs – and knowing that gives me all the inspiration I need to keep working to make a difference.

This July I’ll celebrate 20 years’ employment in the NHS. My current role is in leadership development, which I was brought into because I believe in the power of people. It’s a perfect fit as I get to empower, coach and mentor – plus my flexible working pattern has afforded me the time to create Quiet the Hive.

What started out last year as me bringing together seven amazing women I’d met into a peer mentoring group has now grown into a buzzing community where we empower each other through hints, tips, ideas and challenges that are designed to get us energised and ready to take on the world.

I’m putting my coaching skills to good use in my new venture – offering sessions over Skype or face to face – and I can be commissioned to deliver workshops covering a range of topics; in addition, you can join a peer mentoring group like mine.

There are plenty of opportunities on the horizon – including an invitation to deliver a workshop on resilience at the Cancer Research UK conference ‘Women of Influence’, as well as the launch of my ‘Real Role Models’ campaign on Instagram and LinkedIn, which will showcase real women quietly doing amazing things.

As a mum to two young boys, I have an active interest in how we can achieve a healthy work-life balance, which is why I enjoy offering free coaching to mothers in my local community who are struggling with issues many of us face.

My advice is no matter what you’re planning, start small but brave and lean into the discomfort outside your natural comfort zone because that’s where the real learning happens.

It’s also really important to find your tribe – and when you do, love them hard. They’ll challenge you and will be there to catch you when you wobble. Focus on feeling courageous, inspired, joyful, confident and curious (the way Quiet the Hive wants to leave you feeling!) and good things are around the corner.

Quiet the Hive