Jerri Ryder, Founder of Jerri Ryder Yoga

Combining yoga, massage and reiki to create a bespoke personalised solution according to requirements

I was born in Maine, USA and moved to England when I was eight, which I think prepared me for the rather nomadic existence I went on to lead!

My husband and I met at Sixth Form and we have two children. He works for an international company and so, for his job, we have lived all over the UK and further afield – including the Isle of Man, France and Zambia. It’s fascinating to settle in different places, but it’s not without its difficulties – most notably uprooting the children and friendships. It’s a case of weighing that up against the experience, and I feel privileged to have met many amazing people throughout my life – especially in Africa.

Work-wise, my background is varied. I trained as a secretary before the children were born; then retrained as a childminder after having them. When my youngest started school, I became a school secretary and later trained as a primary school teacher whilst living in France. I thought that teaching was the logical step forward, but I soon realised that it just was not my path.

I devoted a year to completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which is situated on the outskirts of Paris. I’d started to practise yoga after my youngest was born to ease my back pain. I continued with it and I’ve always found that it helps me achieve a feeling of calm and balance. I knew through teaching yoga I could help others feel the same benefits.

In 2018, having moved back to the UK and settling in West Yorkshire, I opened the East Keswick Yoga Studio & Sports Massage Studio. The business has grown organically and I have found my niche offering pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes, as well as sessions tailored specifically for runners and cyclists. My husband is very athletic, so the latter service is inspired by him!

Alongside the yoga, I also offer reiki and sports massage. I’m currently studying Level 4 Sports Massage which, upon completion, will allow me to treat injuries.

My business advice is to always keep the faith. Be persistent and consistent, and maintain your own positive energy… Don’t dwell upon the negatives!

Jerri Ryder Yoga

Photo credit: Paula Duck