Jodie Salt, Owner of Violet Salt Ltd

Assertiveness coaching for women who want more!

Great things don’t just happen to special people. There’s no difference between me, the Queen or the Prime Minister. I am entitled to anything I want if I take action towards it. That ‘rock star’ level of confidence is something I help women in business to achieve. I’ve doubled down on assertiveness coaching as my niche and, from a young age, I’ve always aimed high.

I had a mortgage on my own home aged 18 – having started work as a call centre trainer the year before. My management career took off early… I was heading up a learning and development team at 21 and qualified as an executive coach at 26.

Working in support functions, you go through endless restructures. I was on maternity leave with my third daughter when two opportunities came up: voluntary redundancy or a European-wide remit. I reflected… lately, I’d been dropping parenting balls. I couldn’t have three daughters and take on a more demanding job, and I’d always dreamt of working for myself.

The Lord had sent me a sign, so I bit the bullet and went for it!  As a freelance coach I hit the ground running. In the first five years, there was only one month where I didn’t make enough money to live the lifestyle I wanted to live.

Then I had another moment… my soul wasn’t on fire. The men I worked with weren’t as shit-hot as they thought, whereas the women reflected on themselves as individuals – not just people doing a job – which I bloody loved! I changed direction and put all my focus onto coaching women – helping them to put themselves first, voice their opinions and take their seat at the big boys’ tables!

At one stage, I ran an online membership club with my best mate – taking women back to their purest self; a time before doubt and fear. I revived the club concept with my new business partner Roxy in 2019 and the idea for our empowerment and lifestyle show, Womanifest, was born out of that. The first of its kind to come to Manchester in March 2020, it’s our biggest venture yet. Daily positive steps forward will make it a success.