Jo Pickering, Co-Founder of Kabo Creative

A two-woman team offering website and graphic design services to clients in the UK and beyond

At school leaving age, I’d trained in art and design. Being creative was all I wanted to do, but when there’s bills to worry about you need to be sensible and consider all bases!

Putting my passion on hold, I got a full-time job at a pub and worked my way up the corporate ladder – becoming a manager for a large national chain. I first met Penni, who is now my wife and business partner, 11 years ago when we were working at the same pub. I supported her financially whilst she studied for a Marketing degree; then, when she became a success as a marketer, I left the pub trade and resumed my fine art and design studies.

Setting up our own business, where we’d have complete autonomy, always appealed but natural concerns over job security and giving up a solid income held us back. It wasn’t until Penni’s father had a heart attack completely out of the blue – resulting in a quadruple bypass operation – that we finally took stock of our lives and boldly leapt together into the great unknown.

In 2017 our website and graphic design agency was born, but we did things a little differently in those early days… Travelling together had been on our wish list forever, so we headed to South East Asia and grew our business on the road! An extra incentive to be successful was that we wanted to get married, so we worked hard in year one to earn enough to tie the knot.

Two years in, we’ve learnt a lot! Penni and I trust one another implicitly and respect the fact we have different areas of expertise. Working with clients on projects individually, we give each other the necessary breathing space to make decisions which play to our skill-sets – safe in the knowledge our objectives are unified.

Since returning from our travels, we’ve loved reconnecting with the local business community and we’re slowly bringing in freelancers and third parties to expand our offering.

In the future we see ourselves becoming a collective of independent business owners – a vibrant hub of brilliant people who care about what they do and, consequently, deliver better results to clients.

Kabo Creative