Jo Wood FICB, Founder of Jo Wood Virtual FD

Helping female entrepreneurs to maximise their profits with a virtual financial director service

My uncle said: “Good times or bad, everyone in business always needs an accountant.” When I was part-qualified, I took a job at a London firm next to St James’ Palace. It was very high end, but I was bored stiff. I didn’t have the passion for the people who were loaded! I wanted to help up-and-comers. Back home, I took a prestigious senior auditor job; then I got married at 21 and fell pregnant within months.

By 2010, I’d had two more children and was a self-employed bookkeeper; then my husband Paul was made redundant. We pivoted as a family. He did the day care and I built up my business. It grew so fast we ended up with 14 bookkeepers and four offices. Paul retrained in payroll and I brought family members on board.

I invested in coaching, systemised the business and worked on my mindset; then, in 2013, I had three operations in six months. My business partner started to have more of a say in things. It was like someone was taking over my baby. I had no control, so when I slipped a disc I left for good. Paul followed a year later.

At my next financial director post, I turned a business on the point of liquidation into a £1m profit-making enterprise; then in March this year, I was made redundant. I’m still grieving because I gave it my all, but the universe had other ideas for me… That hurt gave birth to Jo Wood Virtual FD – an idea conceived for me by online business coach Helen Pritchard.

In eight months, I’ve built a six-figure bookkeeping business from my kitchen table from one laptop! I’m on a mission to change the way people view bookkeepers.

As a mum of three – someone that’s struggled with life, health and redundancies – I’m helping women like me to understand their numbers so they can make more profit and achieve their goals. (HMRC and accountancy support is a given!)

Paul is training to become a learning support assistant for troubled children, and I’ve started to give myself love by building a health and wellness team around me.

At last, I’m open to being healed.

Jo Wood