Karen Lee, Founder of The Cheshire Mortgage Group

Providing personalised services tailored to everyone – from first-time shared owners to buyers with a broad property portfolio

All my life, people have told me I can’t achieve the things I’ve set my mind to. I love to prove them wrong! From passing my driving test to climbing mountains alone in the UK and abroad, I’ve done it all – including walking 34 miles in 14.5 hours on a charity challenge… I was the only person to finish! Someone close said I wouldn’t pass my mortgage exams; not only did I get my certificate, I joined the UK’s largest brokerage firm.

Over the next decade, I got fed up of management telling me how to do my job. I knew there were better ways to deliver great customer service, so just before my 30th birthday, I took a leap of faith and set up alone.

People told me: “You won’t make as much money.” Again, I proved them wrong! I doubled my income within 12 months and, for the next six years, the business went like a steam train. In 2018, I set up The Cheshire Mortgage Group and expanded to a team of five. My old boss said I wasn’t posh enough to work in Bramhall, so I organised a huge launch party there and packed out the venue!

As official sponsors of Hounds for Heroes, we’ve raised over £4,000. Through the artist Louise Barson, we’ve also become supporters of Chelwood Foodbank Plus. None of it is for personal gain: we genuinely care about our local area, active charity work and supporting small businesses by passing on referrals through networking.

I’ve fallen back in love with a job that I grew to hate in the corporate world. I’m a better advisor because I’m not restricted by time. I work longer hours, but I’m doing it for myself. I rarely dress up for work because I’m just as effective whether I’m wearing jeans or a trouser suit. People prefer down-to-earth advice over fancy corporates.

In these uncertain times for the housing market, first-time buyers are the key to keeping things moving, so I’m planning a series of informative open evenings across the county. You have to be resilient and get on with things. If someone tells you can’t do it, just go ahead anyway!

The Cheshire Mortgage Group