Karen Gee, Founder of Cycle Sprog

The home of family cycling and kids’ biking

After completing my Geography degree, I worked for several small charities – naively thinking I might change the world! Whilst working on a project alongside an IT consultant, I found his work fascinating and started to help. He told me: “You’re really good at this… YOU should be doing it!” I applied for an IT graduate scheme at an insurance company and was accepted.

Whilst pregnant with my second child, I went on a leadership course and got some life-changing feedback: “You’d be better off working for yourself – doing something you really believe in.” Great, but I need to make a living! His advice played on my mind and I seized the opportunity by taking voluntary redundancy. I set up my own company and updated my LinkedIn profile. The phone rang… it was a previous employer asking if I could start consulting for them the following Monday!

For over a decade I’ve been able to progress my career on my own terms; I’ve managed some challenging projects whilst working part-time hours mainly from home. Working flexibly enabled me to invest time and savings into my other passion: Cycle Sprog!

A lifelong cyclist, I was looking for (and failing to find) advice online about cycling with my young children. I said to my husband: “There should be a website about family cycling,” and he replied: “Why don’t you set one up?” I had two young children, a challenging career and I’d never worked in the bike industry! However, it needed to be done so the Cycle Sprog website was born.

Over seven years it’s grown into the leading resource for cycling with children and has had over 1.6 million views.

I was clear from the start that Cycle Sprog would be a business, not a hobby, and last year I decided to make it my full-time career. There’s a difference between making money and making a living though, so I may need to keep dipping in and out of consultancy work to top up my Cycle Sprog earnings. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with leading brands; speak at industry conferences; and help thousands of families each month start cycling or continue to cycle as their children grow.

Cycle Sprog