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Specialising in finding people’s perfect colouring to make the most of their makeup, skincare, hair, clothing and accessories

Since founding my colour consultancy in 2016, I’ve been on a daily mission to help people find their inner sparkle and feel more confident. Every time I witness that moment when I see the light switch on in my clients’ eyes – that point of realisation where they’re ready to take that vital next step in reassessing how they view themselves – it fills my heart with joy.

Colour services have fascinated me for years, but in my former role as a PA employed by the NHS – primarily responsible for co-ordinating the schedules of numerous directors based within mental health services – all my time and energy went into that. When I’d get home from a super-busy shift, all I wanted to do was chill out, recharge and go again the following day, so pursuing it even as a hobby wasn’t really an option.

My own business came together whilst I was on maternity leave. Awestruck at the gentler change of pace I experienced being at home with a newborn – compared to the extremely demanding nature of my professional life – I discovered I had all this time on my hands even though I was a totally hands-on first-time mum. I initially trained as a makeup artist as a way of introducing myself to working with colour and earning some extra money. Things took off so quickly after I started to use makeup products through a network marketing company that I was able to leave the NHS after four years’ service.

Over time I’ve trained to become a fully qualified colour consultant and established a smooth set-up for my business where I go out to visit clients or they come to my house in York. Either way, it always has to fit around the needs of my daughter. Now she’s in nursery, I’ve been able to develop an online consultation service, which is super-exciting because I’m no longer restricted by geography and the sparkle can be sprinkled much further afield!

One goal was to make my service as flexible as possible, so working online is a bit of a niche within my particular sector. If, for any reason, clients have difficulties leaving their homes, I can still support them.

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