Kat Massey, ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ & Founder of Dolittles & Co

Specialising in quality, affordable products for customers’ homes with their fur babies in mind!

I’ve been self-employed for 26 years – becoming something of a serial entrepreneur with fingers in a fair few pies!

Starting out in hair and beauty, I ran two salons for a decade. Over time I fell out of love with the industry, although I still adored the people side of it. I experienced an epiphany when, over an eight-month period, I lost a lot of family members, my best friend and pet cocker spaniel to cancer. I’d always wanted to write, promote mental health and work with animals, so I retired from hairdressing in 2017 and relaunched myself as a dog walker named Auntie Kat.

Being out and about allowed me to reconnect with nature and clear my head. I started to record my thoughts during walks; then I’d go home and post them on a free site I’d set up. I didn’t know that what I was doing was blogging until a friend told me – and I couldn’t believe it when more than a thousand people had visited my page and requested more content!

I was now ‘The Honest Blogger’ – uploading raw and honest accounts looking at many facets of life. I continued to blog and walk dogs when an opportunity came up at the end of 2017 to appear as a guest on a local radio station. I did the interview and was then asked to become a co-presenter on the weekend show – a voluntary position I held for 12 months.

In May 2018, I began writing my memoirs and in June set up a community group offering mental health-related support – garnering initial interest by uploading a fake showreel to Facebook named ‘Flintshire Wives’ to highlight how easy it is for people to judge others when they see what appears to be a ‘perfect life’ on the surface. When it came to light what I was really planning, the local response to the community group was overwhelming.

My book, ‘Living with Dolls: A Story of Love, Mental Illness and Freedom’, was published last September – becoming an Amazon best-seller; then, after taking some time out for myself, my husband and children, I’ve recently founded Dolittles & Co – creating dog-friendly products which reduce stress levels.

Dolittles & Co