Kay Russell, Founder of Physicool

The creator of a rapidly cooling spray for women going through the menopause and suffering hot flushes

My story begins on a small family farm in Dorset, with an entrepreneurial spirit which flourished at an early age. I’d help my father around the farm – collecting eggs and tending to the animals – and run errands for connected businesses, such as deliveries and horse breeding. In my teens, I was training horses; then I ran my own riding stables straight out of school.

Fast-forward to 2007 and I’d spent many years running my stables and breeding competition horses. I’d become all too familiar with the challenges of treating horse leg injuries, but it was a chance viewing of ‘Tomorrow’s World’ which proved to be the game-changer… I was introduced to the concept of rapid evaporation as a means of cooling to reduce pain and swelling; instead of forcing cold in as one would with ice, rapid evaporation draws the heat out. I spotted an opportunity to create a new way of treating my animals, so I formulated a coolant at a Yorkshire-based lab and launched Equi-n-Ice.

The brand took off and I noticed that riders and jockeys were using my product for their own injuries because it had proven to be so effective with horses. I then created Physicool – a clinically-approved medical range which would help people with sports injuries and aid them with post-op recovery. Soon afterwards, I found myself on the BBC’s ‘Dragons’ Den’ – and the interest my brand had stirred up on the market led to a £100,000 investment offer from Deborah Meaden!

Physicool’s journey took its next major turn when I was on holiday in Spain about five years ago. A friend of mine told me she was in a dreadful state going through the menopause and asked if I had any ideas. A fresh concept took root and I acted upon it – devising a rapid cooling spray that would be kind to dry menopausal skin and put ladies back in control of their hot flushes. I wanted it to smell nice as well, so we tweaked the formula at the lab to get that element just right!

With 11 million women in the UK currently going through the menopause, I want to help make a difference and raise awareness.