Kerry Morris-Thuriot, Founder of Friday’s Child Photography

Based in Cheshire and specialising in newborn and early years photography

I first became self-employed in 2004 and worked as a driving instructor for 12 years. Although I have no patience with myself whatsoever, I have oodles with other people, so I’d definitely found my niche! I knew I wanted to teach people how to drive after passing my own test (and being my own boss had massive appeal because I’m a bit of a rebel!), but I had to wait until I’d held my licence for three years before learning to train. Biding my time, I worked as a gym instructor in a hotel I’d already been employed at for several years.

Before moving across to the gym, I was in the hotel’s restaurant, which is where I met Christophe – a Frenchman who had moved to England to learn the language. He was supposed to go back to The Loire Valley after six months, but friendship blossomed into love and he stayed put. We’ve been together for more than 20 years – becoming proud parents to our daughter Esmee in 2006.

I made a conscious decision to have Esmee at home with me until she was four, so I scaled back the driving lessons to really cherish that time in her life. When she started school, I worked around her hours – always ensuring I was there to pick her up and drop her off.

I’ve always enjoyed photography as a hobby and lots of people said I had a talent for it. In 2014, my nan had a serious stroke and the only thing that could take my mind off everything was to sit and edit photos on my phone. After being asked to take pictures of my friends’ children, I quit the driving instructing for something new. Starting out as a mobile photographer before finding a tiny room in a beautiful little studio at Alcumlow Farm, today – having grown steadily – I’m operating the entire studio.

I named the business after Esmee, who was born on a Friday – and just like the nursery rhyme, she’s loving and giving. I feel so privileged that, through my photography, I can play a part in those early days of a new family – capturing precious images to be treasured forever.

Friday’s Child Photography