Kerry Smith, Cake Maker & Cake Artist at The Berkshire Bakesmith

Specialising in designing, baking and creating beautiful bespoke cakes for all occasions 

Because I’ve always enjoyed baking cakes and decorating them, I became the go-to person for friends and family whenever they were needed; it was a hobby that gave me immense satisfaction.

Several years ago – living in Kent at the time – I suddenly found myself as a single parent to a five-year-old. Circumstances dictated that I needed to bring in a decent income ASAP, plus I didn’t want to be paying out for childcare as it was important to me to be a rock for my son during a very difficult period for both of us. It made sense to move from baking cakes as a pastime to a money-earner – a set-up where I could manage my own hours so quality time with my child wasn’t compromised…

Once I’d completed my food hygiene training and then registered with the local council before having my kitchen inspected, Fairybake was up and running as a veritable business. Using social media to my advantage was key in those early days, as was building up relationships with local cafés – leading to lucrative contract work and a growing client base as my skills and techniques improved.

Working into the early hours became the routine, as I’d begin baking after putting my son to bed. I wouldn’t change any of it though because it meant I got to pick him up from school every day and, as he grew older, help with the homework and attend school events.

A couple of years later – having met my now husband, who’s from Reading – my son and I relocated to Berkshire. Mum lived just five miles away in Wokingham, which was an odd but lovely coincidence, and I took a breather from baking to settle into my new relationship and have a second child.

When my youngest was a year old – feeling recharged – I was ready to don the apron again and get back into the kitchen. I rebranded to The Berkshire Bakesmith for a number of personally significant reasons: ‘Berkshire’ because I was now based there; ‘Bakesmith’ because it’s what I do (like a blacksmith!); and because ‘Smith’ was my new surname. More than just a professional-sounding name, it embodies my own life’s journey.

The Berkshire Bakesmith