Laura Jenkins, Co-Founder of Your Forte

A boutique music PR, comms and marketing consultancy led by musicians for musicians

I was told I should expect to wait two years to get pregnant through an IVF route. I’d always wanted to go full time with my business, so I quit my job in March this year. Within just six weeks, I found out I was pregnant!

At first, I worried I would be judged for turning up to business meetings with a bump. Now that I’ve had time to adjust, I feel more confident in myself than ever.

The artists we coach and represent have different facets to their lives – from thoughtful lyricist to energetic performer. I can be a loving wife, an expectant mother and an entrepreneur. The only thing that matters is showing up as my authentic self…

My career has been chequered to say the least! I was shepherded into a Primary Education degree which I didn’t enjoy. From teaching, I went into hairdressing and then into learning and development, where I had my first introduction to coaching and mentoring.

After a life change took me back down South, I found work at a construction company. Following an award win for boosting global engagement in a learning package by 386%, I realised I had a talent for marketing and PR. To hone my skills, I moved into ad tech.

Alongside all this change, the one thing that remained consistent was music. I’d been playing since I was six and always had a hand in the local music scene – supporting acts and making contacts.

In 2016, The Jive Aces asked me to help them promote their theatre tour. That set me off on the path to where I am today, so I’m thankful to them from the bottom of my heart. My friend, fellow musician and now business partner Joey Clarkson was asking the same question as me: Why are people not getting paid to do their art?

She came on board so that together, we could empower artists with flexible and affordable coaching and mentoring. We share our insight into the music industry openly and trust that those who are willing to invest in us will do just that. No-one can replicate the authentic you, so our message is: ‘Unashamedly be yourself’.

Your Forte